Mr. Dinesh Divekar

Mr Dinesh Divekar is versatile in the field of training and management consulting. His multifarious activities include writing articles, designing case studies and guiding juniors through various online forums.

He has handled the training and consulting across the spectrum of industries. Taking benefit of the exposure that he gets through his training and consulting, he conducts research through his participants. Based on his research, he has designed unique programmes like Effective Selling Skills for B2B Market, Key Account Management, Sales and Customer Strategy for B2B Markets, Strategies for Product Pricing etc.

In addition to the training programmes in the field of sales and marketing, Mr Divekar also conducts training programmes in the field of business strategy like Strategic Analysis of the Enterprise, Strategy for Supply Chain Management etc.

His expertise areas are Purchase, Inventory, Warehouse, Vendor, Stores, Quantitative Techniques for Purchase Decisions, Strategic Procurement, Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Management.

Mr. Divekar did his MDBA (Personnel) from SIMS. He is also a Member of NHRD, NIPM, Bangalore Management Association (BMA), an active Member of He is also a member of large number of Yahoo and Linked in Groups and has uploaded large number of articles related to training and HR field. Mr. Dinesh V. Divekar’s interview was published in “Times Ascent Online” regarding employee training. Later his article “Role of HR in Brand Management” was published in the same portal.

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