Mr. Elton Kuah

e-Conference : The Art of Digital Selling – How to Multiply your ROI 24th July 2020

Mr.Elton is an expert in B2B digital marketing, design thinking and data analytics (3D Skillset in 1 person) and he has been doing the business year since 2009 in the area of oil and gas, manufacturing, SAAS and professional services.

Elton’s successes include developing an offshore container business from scratch which achieved significant revenue growth, and having worked with mid-size to well-known consulting companies such as M-Brain, Hero Chemical and Asiabiz Strategy in assessing workable market entry venture for their consulting clients who want to consider South East Asia region for their product/service.

In SAAS industry, Elton is recognized by companies such as Outgrow, a top B2B New York Tech Company, as an influencer in marketing research and lead generation.

Elton has been awarded from the US Department of State as one of YSEALI Professional Fellows and is attached to Blue Startups LLC, Hawaii, USA which is one of the Top 20 US Accelerators. He has helped them feature their startups in Jumpstart Magazine of Hong Kong.

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