Mr. R N Lakhotia

Mr. R. N. Lakhotia is a well-known authority on taxation in the country. He is a regular writer and editor of several books on Income-tax, Vegetarianism and also Humour. His various books have seen over 480 editions so far. He regularly writes for leading newspapers. He had a brilliant academic career. He stood FIRST CLASS… Continue reading Mr. R N Lakhotia

Mr. Ajit Shah

Mr. Ajit Shah is a Commerce Graduate from Sydnem College. He also holds a Law degree from Mumbai University. He has spent more than 25 years in Export Import Trade. He started his carrier as a consultant for Exports & Imports. He has travelled extensively overseas. He is also a trainer and faculty in the… Continue reading Mr. Ajit Shah

Mr. SM Kulkarni

He is the Vice President of Indirect Taxation in Mahindra & Mahindra. He is the In-charge of VAT implementation in Mahindra & Mahindra since the introduction of the scheme In Maharashtra. He has 30 years of rich experience in corporate management in the Sales Tax function dealing with Sales Tax department and all India Sales… Continue reading Mr. SM Kulkarni

Ms. Sabira Merchant

Sabira Merchant completed her studies in Liberal Arts from Switzerland. Being a expert communicator and a lover of stage, Sabira was inclined towards the theatre and made her first breakthrough with Theatre group’s ‘‘The World’’ And it was followed by ‘‘The Wild Duck’’, ‘‘Tughlaq’’, ‘‘Duet for one’’, ‘‘The Idiot’’, ‘‘Winter Set’’ and many more. She… Continue reading Ms. Sabira Merchant